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Photo Number 3000

My 3000th photo (full size) uploaded to Flickr. This photograph was taken driving home last night by myself from Krista and Eric’s wedding. It’s not a great shot by any means … it is fun though. I was coming down from Mont Royal crossing over Parc. I perched my canon on my dash while stopped at the light — setup with a 15 sec exposure and tried to shift into gear as gently as possible to get a “steadier” shot. The rain and the lights made for interesting effects. Probably not the safest way to take photos either.

Flickr has become my favorite tool on the internet. It really has made taking photos fun. I don’t even save photo’s offline – unless they are an important set or event that I might want to revisit in original format.

“Flickr was developed by Ludicorp, a Vancouver, Canada-based company founded in 2002. Ludicorp launched Flickr in February 2004. The service emerged out of tools originally created for Ludicorp’s Game Neverending, a web-based massively multiplayer online game. Flickr proved a more feasible project and ultimately Game Neverending was shelved. Early incarnations of Flickr focused on a multiuser chat room with real-time photo exchange capabilities called FlickrLive for sharing photos; the successive evolutions focused more on the uploading and filing backend for individual users and the chat room was buried in the site map. It was eventually dropped as Flickr’s back end systems evolved away from the Game Neverending’s codebase.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flickr

I have also started a set with some of my favorites from the past 3000, which will be a work in progress. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevey/sets/72157594242226212/

Photo Number 3000 – Lovely Lights