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Pantone Fall Color Trends

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Pantone Fall Color Trends

Useful for designers and friends in the clothing industry, the pantone fashion color report fall 2006 ..

“Just as day turns to twilight, Fall 2006 colors are a subtle deepening of the world around, lit with the final glow of the turning horizon. New York designers have found themselves in a sanctuary of color, filled with the constancy of nightfall.

Neutrals take center stage as a soothing reminder of life’s many reassurances: from frost gray, evocative of a quiet winter morning, to apple cinnamon, the essence of freshly brewed tea. The neutrals, while simple, provide a landscape for complexity. The touches of rich tones in the palette add an exotic dimension to the neutrals — especially relevant as accessories continue to prevail. The combination of pale khaki and red mahogany tells the story of a classic book, bound with a velvet ribbon. Vetiver paired with purple magic is a plush couch decorated with a silk pillow.

Warmth and vibrancy have found a way to harmonize. This season’s orange, golden ochre, goes to the warm side with an umber undertone and a touch of elegance. Mineral red adds an inviting sense of intrigue when used against a background of simply taupe, a basic yet comforting neutral. ”

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