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Nintento DS Lite

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Nintento DS Lite

Bought myself a silly birthday present yesterday. A shiny new white Nintendo DS Lite. Grabbed New Super Mario Bro’s and Brain Age with it. It’s a slick little machine – feels very solid and a smaller than I thought it would be. The stylus/touch screen aspects are amazing – very responsive to even the lightest pen strokes. Good sound volume and a “typically Nintendo” perfect control system. It also seemed to charge up very quickly!

Mario and Brain Age (started with a brain age of 46 – doh!) are awesome so far – gonna pick up a couple more games and some friends are lending me some old GBA games to mess around with. Couple upcoming games I will have to buy are The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (trailer”) and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

My only real problem with it is that once my girl gets back from organizing a summer camp, she’ll be all over it and i’ll never see it again!

“I’ve bought so many Game Boy products in my life that I wish I could subscribe to a service instead of handing Nintendo my hard-earned cash every few months. The amount of product Nintendo has released in its portable gaming line over the years is amazing. Including the DS, there have been ten portable systems released between the first one in 1989 and now, and that’s not including special-edition hardware and different colors” — ARS Technica

Nintendo DS Lite | Gamespot DS | ARS Technica Review


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  1. nels Avatar

    Wicked man! I’ve been thinking of grabbing one myself. I’m pretty sure it would make my commute downtown a little less…lazy.