Sympatico HighSpeed Unplugged

Sympatico HighSpeed Unplugged

Warren is beta testing Symaptico’s newest wireless product called “Sympatico HighSpeed Unplugged“. It allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet with your laptop from anywhere that Bell offers the service at a whopping 3mbps. Your own personal wireless access point wherever you go.

The first draw back that we all noticed was the size of the “modem” – the thing is quite heavy and slightly larger than a small paperback. It does have the signal strength lights on the top of the modem, in large format, which is kinda handy. Doubtful this is just the “beta” casing – looks pretty final to me.

Guess we’ll see. Warren was instantly not impressed by the size of the thing. He’s gonna plug it in later and give it a test-drive. No word on modem/service pricing yet either.

How Does Sympatico High-Speed Unplugged Work?

Access the Internet wirelessly from almost anywhere within our coverage area. Take it with you from home or school, work or on vacation – no need to worry because your connection travels with you. All you need is a computer and power for the wireless modem to get on-line at up to 3 Mbps.

You can easily take the wireless modem from location to location, plug it in and surf.

Sympatico High Speed Unplugged uses a small, portable wireless modem (about the size of a slim paperback) that you connect to your computer. It uses network architecture similar to that of mobile phones, seamlessly linking a large number of towers with a highly reliable land-based IP network.

The technology uses fully licensed and protected frequencies to enable efficient and secure communication between your wireless modem and our towers.”

Sympatico HighSpeed Unplugged | Intro Video

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  1. I have sympatico with a wireless router. Regular sympatico price with WiFi in my home. If I need WiFi elsewhere, I can always stop by a café or area that has free wireless connectivity.

    This feels gimmicky to me.

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