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Nintento and the future

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I’m a big fan of Nintendo. I always have been. I’m pretty picky about any games I play – partly cause I feel some kind of guilt about playing games in the first place – when I should be reading/socializing/bettering my life in some other manner. I have owned a couple Nintendo systems mainly cause they have good games.

That said … I’ll be buying a Wii. This thing really gets me at some level – the “beyond the traditional joystick” metaphor they are starting is impressive, and like most people who’s read sci-fi from Gibson or Stephenson, those kinda of devices are intriguing to say the least. Not to say this is a huge leap forward, but it is interesting due to the massive launch and huge potential audience.

“The Wii’s going to crush. It’s going to do really well. (Third parties) They’ll all be there. They’re all going there. Anybody realizes now that the Wii is going to be a lot bigger than everybody thought six months ago. We all heard about it a year ago, but I don’t think that we realized how impressive it was until we saw it at E3. … Some people thought that it would turn out to be kind of a gimmicky toy, and it turned out to be kind of a cool thing. At the same time, you’re seeing the success of these Brain Age and Brain Training games that you use the stylus to play. People are like, ‘Wow, maybe the consumer wants to be more interactive with the device.’ It makes sense. Nintendo’s onto something. They’re not stupid people. It’s really impressive what they’ve been doing, and [they’re making] a really bold move, and it’s working so far.” – source

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