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The 100 Best Skate Photos on Flickr

This is one of the best Flickr compilations on a single subject I’ve seen yet. The quality and range is amazing. As always, seeing excellent photos makes me want to run out and buy an expensive Digi SLR – but my photo taking habits are more for memory and archival purposes than for beautiful composition and photo quality most of the time (I take some crappy photos), plus I have a nasty habit of abusing my camera; shooting in the rain; shooting near sand; tossing it around in the car.

“There are a lot of skateboard photos on Flickr, but most of them are not up to the level of what a “real” skateboard photo should entail. For example, the “most interesting” skateboard photo on Flickr is a boring newspaper style picture. “Where’s the coping?”

I made a selection of 100 of the best skate photos taken by 100 different flickerites. These are, in my opinion, pictures that could potentially make it into everybody’s favorite skate publication: The Skateboard Mag.”