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Pink ?

The past few weeks have a been a bit crazy. We’ve been pumping out so much work from plank that it’s getting to be a blur of sitemaps/comps/data-tables/code/testing and all the other fun stuff we deal with. Also on the plank front – Geoff is moving for an undetermined amount of time to Washington, DC as his girl got a swanky job at a swanky foreign TV network. He’ll officially be a our first US satellite office sitting right in between two of our larger clients in NY and NC. We all know he’ll be 100% successful as he’s such a motivated and skilled guy with an unmatched work ethic.

Why the pink block above? It seems that i’ve been running into this magical color quite a bit lately. Funny how one certain color will show up in your life as it becomes the one you take note of when you see it. Long live #F06. Right now it’s the predominant color of one of our larger amazing clients – which means I’m dreaming of this color nightly and starting to see it flash behind my eyelids when I blink. More coming once the project is officially launched.

Get to work. Some coffee first though.


2 responses to “Work”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    that color is intense! glowing. whoa.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Man … and my screen brightness is turned down a bit !!