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DS and WFC

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DS and WFC

Over the weekend I tried the Nintendo WFC service.

I had tried to connect when I first got my DS but my old wireless router just wouldn’t give me an IP (among other problems). Our laptop also had trouble connecting also so I decided to go out and buy a new WIFI router on Friday (found a DLINK DI-624 on sale for 50$). It had the latest HW revision with recently updated firmware and we have one at work that has preformed flawlessly for a year now. Of course when I as picking out this router I made sure that it was known to work with the DS.

After getting everything configured, my DS and my laptop both connected in a snap. I tried out the two games that I own that use the WFC service; Mario Cart and Club House games.

I got my butt kicked in Mario Cart by 5 players from all over the globe. Probably some snot-nosed 10 year olds.
Club House Games was much more fun. The interface is very slick and almost every one of the 35+ games is available to play online. I tried President, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Darts, and Bowling. Did very well in all except darts where I got killed. The only small annoyance is the chat system which is very restricted to preset lines of text. I assume this is to support multiple languages easily.

For a free service – well worth trying out. Now let’s see what happens when the Wii comes out.