2006/07 Cottage

2006/07 Cottage

Last night, we went and signed a lease for our new winter cottage. Done deal! We have it from 18th of November ’til the end of March.

Easily the best chalet we have ever rented. A beautiful squared log cabin (inside modern wood siding) which was moved to sit on the side of a cliff with a million dollar view. 3 stories, waxed wood floors, beautiful decor, Japanese influences throughout, immaculate attention to details while modernizing the original structure. It might even be the closest cottage I have ever seen that matches with my personal tastes and my own vision of what a perfect cottage would be. It could also be that I grew up in a log cabin.

The owner joked with us that he had friends come and stay at the place from Europe. They remarked that the cottage was the Canadian dream; it was their vision of what a Canadian postcard should be. He even thought about paying the neighbor to walk by in early 1800’s Coureur des bois clothing… his foreign visitors would have fainted and never wanted to leave.

Many more photos will come up over the winter — and we’re all so excited; the 18th of November can’t come fast enough.

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  1. So frigging amazing i dont know where to start! May you have lots of snow for boarding, but not too much that you cant make it there.

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