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Idea’s behind the Wii

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Idea's behind the Wii

A fun quick read; Business Week asking Miyamoto and another Wi team member about the big ideas behind the Wii. I really do think they got it right. This is also worth checking out — a description of the technology behind the wiimote from CNN.

“Miyamoto: We started work on the Wii around the time the GameCube went on sale in 2001. [Internally, the Wii had the codename “Revolution.”] We started with the idea that we wanted to come up with a unique game interface. The consensus was that power isn’t everything for a console. Too many powerful consoles can’t coexist. It’s like having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction.

Ultimately, it came down to whether power should be a key element of the console or not. We didn’t think it was possible to build a powerful machine for less than 50,000 yen ($450). Not only would it use a lot of electricity, it would need a fan, which meant it would be noisy. Moms would rise up against it. Plus, it would take too long to boot up, like a PC, which isn’t an ideal toy.”

Business Week interview with Miyamoto