SketchFighter 4KA

SketchFighter 4KA

If you liked 80’s video games, if you ever had a pad of graph paper, and if you ever drew a spaceship… well this is the game for you. I just tried it out on my G5 at work. Super smooth motion (very high frame rate) and easy controls. Even has a fun “emo-ish” soundtrack. You can play a couple levels without registering (costs 20$).

“Remember those super-cool space ships you doodled on graph paper in Middle School? Pen strokes furiously waging massive intergalactic battles in History class with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance? Well they have sprung to life in SketchFighter 4000 Alpha!

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha redefines “retro” by bringing together the imaginative pen and paper sketches from your youth with a killer resolution independent OpenGL graphics engine. SketchFighter also boasts a unique synthesis of exploration and action game play, which has you alternately blasting cute little lady bugs into oblivion and then puzzling your way through the hand-drawn challenges presented to you.

With a notebook stuffed full of killer challenges awaiting you, and a unique two-player gaming mode that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, SketchFighter 4000 Alpha brings the fantasies of your youth to life in an absurd yet utterly wonderful gaming experience.”

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