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Cold Rain, Ice & Trees

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tree across clarke

Friday night it rained. It was just cold enough to somehow not become snow and stay as ice rain; although my glove-less hands told me it was a trick. It froze to everything… Cars, trees, sidewalks and streets… and reminded everyone of an event from 1998.

As I walked up Clarke street in the dark I could hear cracking and creaking to branches. This tree (above) had just fallen over the street from sidewalk to sidewalk, slightly crunching 2 cars parked along each side. Everyone was still in the process of honking their brains out as people backed out of this narrow street, those way back unable to see why traffic had stopped. Lucky I had walked home a little slower taking some snaps – or I could have been right under that.

Some more photos.

A bit about freezing rain….

“Freezing rain is common in Canada and New England, generally occurring at the narrow boundary between cold air from the East and North and moist air from the South. Typically, a warm air mass will come up along the Mississippi Valley and overrun a shallow layer of cold air trapped at the surface. Such a favourable cold air damming happens with an East to North-Easterly flow in the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valleys, and along the axis of the Appalachian Mountains.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Ice_Storm