Pipe Fiends

Pipe Fiends Book Launch

Extra Update: The book is for sale online at Mudscout Book store

Update: This weeks Mirror has a piece on Marc, Barry and the book.

Marc and Barry have finally released their long awaited book on the Big-O Pipe. I grew up skating with these two guys. They both know this subject inside and out, and both have logged more hours at the BIG-O than anyone I know. There’s a video documentary on Youtube (with some questionable voice-over work ?) and you can see a bit of them skating here in this video and this one.

Hopefully the book will be sold online somewhere, and I’ll be able to post the link to purchase it directly.

The Pipe Fiends Book Launch:
Pipe Fiends: A Visual Overdose of Canada’s Most Infamous Skate Spot
Compiled by Marc Tison and Barry Walsh.

Friday, December 15, 2006 From 8pm to 12am
@ Nest, 3673 St-Dominique (between Prince-Arthur and des Pins)

Featuring books for sale, product giveaways, DJs, and a vernissage of
artwork, photographs, and Pipe artifacts.


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