The AMP and Steve’s

Roland Practice Amp - Cube 15

I walk into Steve’s Music store, fight my way through the narrow rooms packed with every instrument known to man, and find the guitar/bass amp’s section. I’m looking for a 15/30 Watt practice amp that I can play in my apartment without the neighbor’s calling the police. I’m not an expert but I’ve owned a couple instruments/amps/gear and a been around musician friends all my life.

Steve’s is known for its hardcore music loving employees, who you feel often work there just to be closer to the music scene. It has an obvious history the instant you walk in the door, with warped floors (from a few too many marshall/orange stacks) and it’s floor to ceiling product display approach. You can feel the “obsession with music” in the place.

A older salesman walks up to me, offers a couple choices that meet my modest needs & are within my price range, then says those magic words… “You wanna hear what this one sounds like?” Within seconds he has a Fender Strat down from the wall, patched in, and starts wailing away. Plays a couple red-hot licks from AC/DC, Sabbath and some Stevie Ray Vaughn.

It was the cliché of the guitar store, the older salesman showing off an item by pulling out some crazy chops.. with that whole “You could be playing like this!!!” feeling to it. I enjoyed it for what it was – a scene out of the imaginary sequel to “Hi Fidelity” where Cusack works in a guitar store selling Dean Markely strings to the greats of the next great music genre, jaded and snobby as hell but unable to leave for the love of it all.

I bought the amp, not because of his “skillz” but cause it was 120$ and small enough to hide away in our apt. Time to try and learn to play my beautiful Yamaha AEX 520. I’ll let you know how it goes and how many times I turn on the “Metal Stack” setting.

Roland CUBE 15 | Yamaha AEX 520

5 thoughts on “The AMP and Steve’s

  1. awesome Stevey. Rock on. I like your guitar – you’ll have to bring it on to the office sometime so we can all play it!

    I think Steve’s can be a pain in the ass. Dont get me wrong, I have bought all my guitars and equipment there (great selection, decent prices). But I find some of the people who work there have a serious attitude and won’t give you the time of day if youre not a player. It can be a very intimidating place for the beginner musician.

  2. Don’t get me started on Steve’s. I’ve had many good and bad experiences there. They all depend on how they size you up. Like Futureshop it’s all about how much money they think you have to spend.

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