25 years of Thrasher

25 years of Thrasher

Thrasher magazine has been around the block and back. 25 times. It’s always been a bit different. The first one I really remember seeing was this one http://secure.thrashermagazine.com/images/content/c4564.jpg… although I’m sure I had some of the early ones (they were hard to come by in the country). The magazine was definitely not talking about the boring rural setting I grew up in. It helped make me an individual at an early age, when few people around me were, and I’m forever grateful to Jake and crew for that.

“The first twelve mags — to commemorate our 25th anniversary we are going to post a new mag from 1981 each month.”

“In January of 1981, a group of skateboarders in San Francisco put together the first issue of Thrasher magazine. Today, Thrasher is bigger and better than ever—its name synonymous with both skateboarding’s roots and constant evolution. International corporate bigwigs try to buy Thrasher’s credibility, while kids tattoo the magazine’s mantra, “Skate and Destroy,” into their skin.”

Hope they stick around for many more years.

See the 12 complete issues here

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  1. that’s completely crazy. i randomly clicked the link to yr first issue and realized that it was MY first issue too. at least if that wasn’t the first issue of thrasher i read, it was among the first 3. pushead cover, too, i think…which started a whole thing for pushead in my life (zorlac decks, misfits/samhain stuff). thanks for the memories.

  2. It’s still one of my favorites.

    Pushead drew some of the most memorable skate artwork. VCJ (Vernon Courtlandt Johnson) is right up there also with all his Powell Peralta art.

    I would love some large format posters … man…

  3. i remember that issue clear as day. i was at that toronto show that they talk about in that issue. it was a demo with neil blender and co. it was my first pro demo and was so blown away. i think i had every thrasher from about ’86-’93. had being the key word. sob.

  4. i just went thru the site’s cover archive. i guess the first issue i remember having was actually sept. of 86, but when i saw the cover for feb. of 87 (the sound that roared), i had a really weird flashback…like when a certain scent inspires memories – so subtle and powerful. all the music in those issues just had a complete impact on my young self. i feel like i remember everything, you know? odd.

  5. i just did the same thing. i have a very fond memory of my skate years from 89, 90 -91 skating the footloose curb, city hall and palais de justice. not to forget sk8 dept. i haven’t seem so many of those images in more than a decade but they are still fresh. i guess i burned them into my retina. i hope i never lose that.

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