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The cold

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Now that’s winter. Crisp air that dries the saliva in your mouth as you breath. Every flake of snow that fell 2 days ago is frozen solid – the sun can’t melt it and the salt that the city throws down barely does — instead turning it to a mashed potato / brown sugar hybrid. This morning is a solid -30°C with the wind-chill. From +11°C only 10 days ago. You gotta love the January weather rollercoaster.

Everyone on the streets has hoods up, mittens on and a no-nonse look in there eyes – “get me where I need to be – now”. I saw a girl with frozen hair where her toque stopped covering her head – she had must have not blow-dried it enough and it was crispy white. My jeans felt frozen and “rigid”. Took my hand outta my glove long enough to snap the above pic and felt my fingers go numb fast.

Things look warmer for the next 14 days. Hopefully more snow falls so I can get some decent riding/hiking in. People have been reporting much improved riding conditions to the south of us and everyone’s hoping for more snow on Friday/Saturday.


2 responses to “The cold”

  1. Allen Avatar

    “the sun can’t melt it and the ice that the city throws down barely does”

    do you mean the salt the city throws down? though I do like the image of incompetent blue collar workers throwing ice on snow…

  2. Steve Avatar

    um… yea…. ;-) they’re “icing the streets” – thanks !