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The roof of the Belgo via Gmaps

Update: Found this link to the art project on our roof. Love it.

Google has finally updated the satellite imagery for Montréal. This morning I was looking through google maps for an address and happened to click on the “Hybrid” button. Imagine my surprise to find the Plateau and Mt. Royal no longer shrouded by cloud cover — it had been mostly obscured since the launch of google maps last year. You can finally see the corner of St Laurent and Pine and the East side of Mt. Royal in all it’s glory. In fact you can almost see my car!!

But — the real funny part is Geoffrey found this oddity; Check out the roof of the Belgo building where we work (372 Ste. Catherine O.) in google maps.

What the hell is going on? An art project? Secret CIA monitoring/targeting of our building cause we work for Michael Moore? Anyone have an idea or conspiracy theory to throw in?

New montreal map imagery


8 responses to “The roof of the Belgo via Google maps”

  1. Oblivia Avatar

    Looks like an Australian Aboriginal papunya painting Stevie. Maybe its an ancient artifact from Gondwana days….???

  2. Steve Avatar

    You might be right… this building has more than it’s fair share of tribal dancers, bongo drummers and barefoot-waif-yoga-types.

  3. Allen Avatar

    Clearly they are targets for the alien laser-blasters to be used when the Seti Alpha VI aliens invade.

    I wonder if the size of the circles is significant. I noticed one of the biggest targets seems to be over the part of the building with the women’s gym (perhpas the aliens prefer plus-size women). And the Plank corner of the building has smaller targets, but many of them.

    We need to monitor this!

  4. Steve Avatar

    holy crap … one of those is right over my desk !!!

  5. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    Maybe Cylons? Fracking tricksters man!

  6. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    Okok..maybe not Cylons..but FRACKING cool project!!!

  7. j Avatar

    crop circles for the roof. i’d be more concerned with the giant upside down cross beside you. in fact i think it’s best if you all got the fuck out.
    i always thought a good idea would be to have some company pay me to advertise their logo on the roof of my house (if i had a house). they could help pay for the house and in turn get free advertising when people use google earth.

  8. spectraversa Avatar

    hmmm….time to get the shovel out and see what’s going on over there. could just be a zealous googlemapser inspired by the psychedelic green cross next door…