Mexico 2007

Wedding invite

We’re going back to Mexico in a month and a bit.

It was so good last time that how could we not? Two of my best friends are getting hitched – instead of doing a wedding in Montréal, they’ve invited their families and friends to join them in Mexico for 1 week. Should be about 20-30 good friends (plus ?? other family guests) total hanging out at an all inclusive resort for a week. After than 11 of us are staying on for an extra week, renting a couple swank houses in Sayulita. I guess you could say we’re all crashing their honeymoon. Least they have their own house.

Everyone’s looking forward to surfing, sayulita fish taco, cheap cans of pacifico clara and tecate, old poo river, cafe con leches and banane-choco muffins from the center of town to name but a few of the local delights. Linda’s told me that she’ll even try a surfing class !! Think she’ll enjoy the water temperature a slight bit more than the northern-east coast in August. We’re going to try exploring the area more now that we’re oriented – some day trips up north and some more exploring around Punta Mita. Might be a bit intense with a big group.. have never travelled with that many friends before.

It’s coming up quick … I’ve been hard on that “arms and chest” workout routine for the shock of 13 days surfing straight.

Photos from last time

2 thoughts on “Mexico 2007

  1. […] With only 5 weeks to go before we’re dipping our toes in the warm pacific ocean; My mind has been turning to surfing and all that entails. Checking the wave cams, checking the surf reports for MEXICO, thinking about the new fish Johan is making me (for this summer), making sure my noodley arms are strong enough to handle 2 weeks of daily paddling. Even snowboarding 2 weeks ago, the most entertaining part of the days was hitting a natural “wave of snow” that forms on one of the runs at Jay Peak — slashing the lip — something that will take me years to learn how to do surfing. […]

  2. Stop putting words in my mouth. YOU said I should try a surfing class, but I have already mastered the art of beach-towel sand surfing. Its a skill not easily acquired…lots of practise and mucho sunscreen.
    Equipment needed: bath sheet, sunscreen, sunglasses, book, water, parasol (optional)

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