Weekend Hike at Glenn


After driving down to the cottage on Friday night just south of Orford, half way to Owl’s head and seeing the immense amount of snow all around, we decided to forego the lines and crowds at Jay peak and hike Mt Glenn (closed down ski hill north of owl’s head).

We arrived Saturday morning to find a guy sitting in his car at the gate telling everyone to get lost as the mountain has been purchased two weeks ago and the new owner was now trying to enforce his “private property”. not one to be deterred, as the mountain has been private property for 2 years now and it’s been a hikers paradise.
Mt. Glenn, Hiking up, Summit cabin

We parked about a mile up the road and hiked in across a swamp to find beautiful conditions. The snow pack seemed to be about 2 feet of snow with a 3″ wind blown layer and then another 6-8″ of snow sitting on top of that.

Quick hike up the middle of the mountain (under the old t-bar) to the summit. We decided to try one of the open runs as they looked pretty good. Not quite as epic as we wished but fun none the less. The snow wasn’t quite deep enough in spots to really lean back in the turns.
Banane coming down, Tracks from day one

We went back on Sunday for another go.
Getting to the MTN, Hiking In

This time trying the glades in the center of the mountain which had seen less wind exposure and were UNTOUCHED – not one single track the whole way down. Much deeper snow and great coverage made for one of my best “2 feet and a heart beat” runs of my life. All the smaller alders and whippers had been pretty much covered over and pillows were starting to form over the larger rocks.
Barely touched runs, Glades untracked, Pristine !, Find your line, Runs looked good too, The View and fresh lines, Banane racing down after a long section, Stoked

We were able to ride all the way down to the swamp/snowshoe trail without losing too much speed. Another weekend – another awesome mission!!!

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  1. […] Only time will tell what really happens. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, they are now trying to enforce it as private property, which is a bit laughable due to the size of the place. “Après quelques années de tergiversation, la sympathique station de ski du Mont Glen fermée en 2004 a trouvé un nouveau preneur. Le promoteur immobilier Maryo Lamothe vient en effet de se porter acquéreur de la propriété de 650 acres située à Bolton-Ouest dans les Cantons de l’Est. […]

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