Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish

Found this fun little “Spanish language learning podcast” to get a couple of my ultra-basic-spanish back into my head for next week. The podcast is free and currently is up to episode 20 (at 15-20 minutes each). Lots to catch up on.

Just listened to the first one — very fun. Love the Scottish accents that break into perfect Spanish. The first one covers the super basics of greeting someone and say ” how are you / I’m fine / not so good / stupendous”.

“Lesson 01: Hola, ¿qué tal? – Learn Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish! In our first podcast we’ll be talking about greetings and asking people how they are. You’ll also learn how to give various answers to this question.” — Episode 1

They offer the podcast on the webpage with embedded players also if you don’t want to do the whole subscribe/downlaod process.

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