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Johan eyeing a blank in his shaping room

I’m having a new custom surfboard made. I’ve been riding my larger Stewart (7′ 6″ fun board shape) for some time now and have decided it’s time to starting pushing myself with a smaller board. I went by Johan’s shaping business on Saturday afternoon to scheme something up.

We had already talked about what I wanted and what we thought would work well (mainly based off of the advice from others also) in the conditions we surf (fickle beach break mostly). Chose a 6′ 4″ slightly modernized version of a retro fish shape.

We’re going with a complete green tint on the whole board, with possible pin-lines on the rails if there’s any cosmetic’s to cover up. We’ll see.

The cool thing is this board started from a block of foam, hand cut and glued up with the stringer. Johan’s really getting the process down. Can’t wait to test drive the finished product. I can’t let me board lust get the better of me, as he also had a 8′ long board shape almost done when I was there…. beautiful !!

Will try and get picts as the board progresses. Here’s some more from Saturday.