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Analytics v.s Measure Map

Google announced today that they have begun launching the new interface for Google Analytics (online software that helps keep track of visitors to your website). You can really see why they bought Measure Map and Jeffery Veen along with it. His “design touches” are seemingly all over it.

I’ve used measure Measure Map for almost 2 years now and have really enjoyed it simplicity, clean design and straightforward approach. I’ve also been tracking stevey.com with Analytics (mainly for work research). This change might make me a permanent switcher. Not that I have that much traffic to be worried about (average of 150 unique visitors per day around here) but still…

“We’ve redesigned the reporting interface for greater customization and collaboration. This should make it easier for businesses and website owners to find and share the data you need to make informed decisions. The new version presents data more clearly and in context, so you can look at a single report to gain insights rather than having to pull up several reports to understand what action to take.”

New Version of Google Analytics!