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The 7.83 Hz House

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The 7.83 Hz House

This is beautiful. Especially the part about the adaptability of the structure itself to growing needs and changes in lifestyle.

“Featured in the latest issue of Dwell, the “7.83 Hz” house was created by Simon Beames and Simon Dickens of the fledging London-based design house YOUMEHESHE. The firm was set-up to develop an innovative, potentially revolutionary design, which would make a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, prefab house available to the mass market. Designed to delivered on just two trucks, the prefab is assembled from precut, biodynamically grown wooden panels, which are doweled together onsite rather than glued. The house costs about $170,000 (this does not include land cost). It’s constructed around a central core, through which service areas run and heat rises. The interior can be altered as families grow or shrink, with floors added to create new bedrooms. See more images of the home here.”

Treehugger article about the 7.83 Hz House