Videotron and Flickr

Flickr and Videotron

Does anyone know what’s going on with Flickr and Videotron? I’ve been unable to reach the Flickr website directly for 2 days now through Videotron HOME and BUSINESS internet service. It’s also been confirmed by other people in Montreal. Funny thing is parts of it seem to work (like the images pulled below and the flickr blog site). I’m guessing something weird has happened like Flickr’s main HTTP IP being blocked within Videotron’s system.

Google blog search pulls up one record but of course it’s within the Flickr site which you can’t get too unless you have a third party web-host to route through.

Or maybe it’s something completely different ? Couple functions from Yahoo! weren’t working for Linda last night either. Hmmm.

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  1. Hi, just found this blog post through Google… I just reached Vidéotron tech support. The guy says they already have an open ticket about this and are trying to solve the problem. Vidéotron subscribers can’t reach Flickr and, whatever that is. Sorry I can’t provide more satisfying info, but I share your pain! ;-)

  2. Just tried my Flickr uploader that’s integrated into Windows XP My Documents. That doesn’t work either.

  3. Ya, I think Videotron had some probs for the last couple of days, I was also unable to login to my mail acount also. Looks like its all good now.

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