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Surfer's path online

The Surfer’s Path is a great magazine. It’s available on some newsstand’s and isn’t cheap – but at least it is printed in a beautiful format on good quality paper. This seems to be their outreach to areas that might not be able to get hard copies, as they are now offering a digital subscription. I wonder if this preview format is the same as what you’d get if you bought a online subscription — if so they need to make it look better. Ugly.

I should mention content — this mag has some of the best surfing related writing and photos by far – in fact one of my favorite articles is online in those previews — Google Earthspots.

“Surfers are dreamers. We ride waves through the day, then we re-ride them in our sleep and mind-surf them in our daydreams. These little flashbacks keep us going through the flat spells and dry times inevitably encountered in “real life.”

Fuelling these dreams are visions of perfection. Perfect waves are what we all want, and so we travel – monthly, twice a year, annually, or whenever we can afford it. One thing is certain, regular surf missions are essential. And this watery planet seems to be getting smaller doesn’t it? Satellite this, cyber that, cheaper flights to further fields, charter boats to deliver you surgically to the surf – yes, traffic is heavy out there, and a lot of places aren’t that foreigner-friendly. Even so, there’s an ever-growing world of options for the travelling surfer. However we do it, we surfers are doing what so many others can’t seem to achieve in their lives – we’re making daydreams happen – we’re hunting for a kind of perfection, and sometimes we actually find it. And, here at The Surfer’s Path, were doing a mag about it.” — http://www.surferspath.com/about-us/

Browse complete April/May 2007 Issue or the Complete Feb/March 2007 Issue


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