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Laske's Beach Chair

The beauty of simplicity, usability, and aesthetics combined — When looking at this chair, You just know that Larry gets it. He’s sat on the beach. He’s probably even bought one of those cheap folding chairs and found it clunky and ugly before conceiving this. Actually, I don’t know — but this is the kind of design that makes me want to get inside the head of the person(s) who created it.

“Recognizing that a beach is a pretty good seat, and all he really needed was something to support his back, designer Larry Laske created his Beach Chair (2003). To use this convenient item, simply push the Beach Chair into the sand until you feel resistance. Then place your foot in the lower opening and lean with your body weight until the back of the bottom of the chair back rests on the sand. The prongs are long enough to keep the chair back stable, and because this design is made out of plastic, it has a gentle flex to it when you sit back. When not in use, a group of these chairs can be conveniently stacked and stowed.”

Beach Chair on Design Within Reach