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Elder surfboards

We got a mini-site up for Johan — something that he could mange himself through some basic HTML work, WordPress 2 and Flickr for photo galleries. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a little bit more design time into it as Johan slowly builds it up.

Johan, as most of you know, is he one who completely created my latest surfboard from scratch. He’s in the process of creating a couple more custom boards — as well as filling his racks with ‘stock’ shapes that are looking very good!

“I use state of the art Epoxy resins and modern 2# EPS foam. By combining the properties of these two materials I can use a stronger glass schedule than most off the rack poly boards and still end up with a final product that is lighter than a traditional poly board. That means that you get a board that is more dent and ding resistant and yet lighter than most of the poly boards out there.

Don’t confuse epoxy with ‘pop-out’ either, all my boards are made in the traditional way with wooden stringers and hand laid fiberglass. When you order a board from Elder Surfboards you are getting a board that is designed and handmade; from block of foam to finished board; by a surfer here in Canada.

I can customize the size, or shape of any of the boards listed. I can also make a board with several different types of finishes; anything from a plain sanded finish board to one with colored resin work.”

Check out his site here


3 responses to “Elder surfboards”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Hey Stevey,
    Looks great!

    I’m coming up to Montreal this weekend (I live in nyc).
    What’s the deal with the river break there?


  2. Steve Avatar

    Thanks Rick !

    The deal is this .. I’ve only gone a handful of times but can give you most of the advice you need.

    You drive towards the casino of montreal (directions can be grabbed from almost anywhere in the city) .. you’ll pass by a number of large buildings on your right on a long straight street before you cross over a bridge to the casino. Just before the bridge there’s a road on your right – turn there and park.

    Get your gear together (I’m not sure about water temps but I bet boardies and long sleeve rashguard will do it) at your car and walk across the lawn towards the trees/river (right) and turn right walking along a path beside the fence behind this crazy apartment building (called habitat 67). There will be other people there so you’ll see / be able to ask where to go.

    Couple notes —

    there’s no bathrooms there. bring water/drinks. don’t leave valuable on the shore – lock stuff hidden away in your car. don’t leave anything visible in your car. bring a good leash — you don’t want that breaking. bring warmer water wax if you have it. watch for a while first. after catching/or missing the wave you’ll be sent down river — don’t fight the current too much — better to slowly paddle towards shore and wait for the “near shore eddy’s to slow you down’ and actually start to pull you back up river. it can be tough. bring a shorter board if you have. no need for a huge board. It can be busy on weekends. You wait for a turn in a “lineup along shore”.
    The official spot name if “Habitat 67 standing wave” if you’re searching the net and stuff.

    Have fun !

  3. Steve Avatar

    1 or 3mm Booties can also helps as it’s a rocky shore — but not essential.