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After causally asking about them in multiple stores downtown over the past 8 months (once a month) only to be told they were completely sold out making it one of the hardest items to buy in Montreal, last night I was at futureshop researching a new camera and checking out the latest DS games and I once again asked the question: “Happen to have any Wii’s in stock ?” — “Yes – you would like 1 ?” … and it was done. Not cheap – 450$ with taxes, 1 extra controller and 1 extra game. We now own a Wii.

The fact that they just released Wii-fit (which I’m trying to convince Linda she’ll love) and that Super Mario World seems just around the corner — makes it all that much sweeter.

“Wii Fit is another innovative product from the product developers over at Nintendo. It’s a workout product that features a pressure sensitive balance board that will let it’s users practice and perform activities like aerobics, yoga, and traditional muscle training and muscle stretcing together with all kinds of games. This a brilliant move by Nintendo if you would ask me.” — http://gadgets.fosfor.se/wii-fit/

Wii Fit Intro Video from E3 | Wii website


5 responses to “We finally got a Wii”

  1. Yan Morin Avatar

    One of the hardest items to buy in Montreal? What? Try to find a laptop with a canadian multilingual keyboard, intel video card and less than 1000$. That it’s hard to buy..

  2. Steve Avatar

    I said hard – you’re asking for the impossible ;-) !

  3. Warren Avatar

    I knew this was going to happen!

  4. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    SICK! Thats awesome man! Now if only I could get a Wii controller for facebook!

  5. Linda Avatar

    I’m not getting Wii fit, Mii fit, or any fit for that matter. I fit nicely on the couch, where I’d like to stay thanks.