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Police caught trying to start riot at SPP

This kind of thing makes me sick. The police have been, caught on video, trying to start/provoke a riot at SPP demonstration last Monday afternoon.

“Organizers of the protests at the North American leaders’ summit in Montebello, Que., say they have video that shows police disguised as masked demonstrators tried to incite violence on Monday…

In the footage filmed Monday afternoon, three burly men with bandanas and other covers over their faces push through protesters toward a line of riot police. One of the men has a rock in his hand. As they move forward, Coles and other union leaders dressed in suits order the men to put the rock down and leave, accuse them of being police agents provocateurs, and try unsuccessfully to unmask them. In the end, they squeeze behind the police line, where they are calmly handcuffed.”

“Watch between 1:30 and 1:40 and you can see the guy on the far left talking to the police before they are arrested. Wonder what they were saying? Probably “Arrest us now before we get killed, we’ve been had.”

CBC has the full story |
Watch the video | Don’t those boots look similar


8 responses to “Police caught trying to start riot at SPP”

  1. Fagstein Avatar

    I’m unconvinced. So far the only real “evidence” that these people are cops is that they buy boots from the same company.

    Repeating a baseless accusation over and over again does not make it true any more for paranoid left-wing activists than it does for the Bush administration and Fox News.

    Besides, unless you believe that the police are pure evil, what sense could it possibly make for them to want to start a riot that could get people killed?

  2. Steve Avatar

    It’s hard to say for 100% sure but did you watch the video? Something’s definitely not right with the way they are acting.

  3. Steve Avatar


    You can see the guy in the back trying to cover up the fact that he’s talking to the cop.

  4. Right On Canada Avatar

    Visit http://www.RightOnCanada.ca to send your letter to Prime Minister Harper demanding police accountability:


  5. Steve Avatar

    Late this afternoon, the SQ (police) admitted these were police officers.

    Of course they tried to spin it as these people where only there to find other violent protesters.

    Thank god someone has this video to say otherwise.


  6. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i can’t believe it! they were cops, officially! so much for all the “paranoid left-wing activists” blah blah blah talk. great video, Steve.

  7. Anile Avatar

    The guy in the video who accused them of being cops in the first place was interviewed this morning… he raises a good point, that this is shifting attention away from the actual summit. He was there to submit a petition and was demonstrating peacefully. He also said that the undercover cops were encouraging people to throw rocks at windows.