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Canon SD800

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Canon SD800is

Finally our new camera. A Canon SD800is.

Our last Canon PS A75 did us well – we took well over 15,000 photos with it over a 3 year span. You might have seen a couple of them. That camera survived 2 trips to Mexico, rain storms and plenty of sandy beach action… plus it’s closest near-death experience of being dropped into 2 feet of powder while riding at Mt. Glenn.

Nancy who I work with, plus my friends Erin and Ben have all raved about this Canon model. The picture quality, start-up time and shutter speed are so much better than our previous model. We also got a 2 Gig SD card which is another major upgrade. I love the faux wide-angle postcard setting and the slight curvature of the lens really appeals to me. We still haven’t found a protective case for it, I’m really looking for something extremely form fitting that is made for this model, so if you now of anything or anywhere to look…

As I mentioned the other day — it’s fun to take photos again to expect to see a lot more.

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