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Adidas Arrow’s from 1978

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Adidas Arrow’s from 1978

Latest desirable on my feet right now… White leather + black stripes & a neon green gummy sole …. “The all-leather replica of the 1978 running shoe, the Arrow, comes in its traditional colorway and four fashionable colorways. With new materials, this great spikeless running shoe from the past is ready for today.”

From the Adidas store

3 responses to “Adidas Arrow’s from 1978”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i’m partial to the chile ’62s but in black/grey/tan, they’re supatight.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Those are hot too !! We have a spot we stop at in New Hampshire on the way back from the coast. Adidas outlet store.. got the ones above for 25$ us + no tax. Too good to pass up.

  3. Phil Avatar

    You should buy a few pairs then and sell them on ebay, they are impossible to get!! And extremely sort after!