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Longboard thoughts

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Small glassy peak

It might be time to get a Longboard.

My Stewart 7′ 6″ Funboard has done me very well and it’ll remain in my quiver ’til the day it dies. But now that I can surf (whew – that took years !!) .. I’m starting to think of how I want to surf. I want to be able to style it out and be super mellow on small days. I also want to be able to get some speed and some quick movement on the freight-train days (not to mention make the paddle out at some of the places we surf). My fish takes care of that second scenario.

I’ve been eyeing a shape/board like this classic Stewart. Johan has mentioned the desire to get some longer blocks of foam and try his hand at shaping a board over 8′.

Guess we’ll have to see. Something for next summer. I’d love to be able to try out a couple boards first but that isn’t so easy for us up here.


2 responses to “Longboard thoughts”

  1. Johan Avatar

    Funny you should mention that…

    I just picked up the print outs today for a couple of board templates. A 9’6″ longboard with an outline similar to that Stewart, but with a slightly more rounded pin type of tail.

    I’m also going to make a 6’10” Bonzer style board, sort of a longer version of the hybrid fish outline with a pulled in tail and will be made with the Bonzer concaves and 5-fin configuration. …..little project/experiment, also for those freight train days. (whenever we get some! :-( )

  2. Ed Fladung Avatar

    stevey. go 9’0″ or higher. 9’6″ would be great. lots of running room for log rolling. get it hooked and lets see some photos from the nose.