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Our Apple WIFI home network

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Airport Extreme

After many miserable failures with a number of brand-name wireless routers; I broke down and bought an Apple Airport Extreme N/Gigabit. Plank wireless runs off an Airport Extreme and we’ve been very happy with it so far.

What a difference;

  • TIVO transfers finally work. which Linda has really wanted. Our last Linksys would fail intermittently causing the TIVO transfers to crap out. Problem is TIVO transfers can’t “resume”, meaning if they fail you have to start all over again.
  • Disk sharing rocks. I got Linda a “music hard-drive” for a present a while back, now it’s available without plugging into it. You can turn on an option to have drives connect automatically and they’re available in your menu bar if you want.
  • Much faster. Macs connect much faster when first signing on. Transfers between computers are much better. Everything seems quicker.
  • Easier setup and admin. The Airport admin tools are great – easily to check all the prefs/settings and logs. Miles ahead of any other consumer wireless station I’ve seen.
  • Upgrading. We’ve haven’t updated the firmware yet but they seem to make it very simple and alert you when there’s new software available.
  • Restarting it can be done via you laptop. Overall you just have a lot more control over the station.

It might be expensive, but to us it’s been worth the money already. Plus the fact that we wasted close to 200$ on previous routers and networks equipment. We successfully setup one B device, one G/N device and one G TIVO wireless adaptor within 10 minutes.


[Rating: 95/100]

4 responses to “Our Apple WIFI home network”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Your TiVo has wireless connectivity???

    Fuck my Videotron PVR sucks

  2. Steve Avatar

    We had to buy it as an extra.

  3. nels Avatar

    Hrm, I’m considering this…are one of your machines PC?

  4. Steve Avatar

    No – we’re connecting 4 machines through it …

    * Mac
    * TIVO
    * Wii