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Considering a trip

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Considering a trip

It’s almost winter. NE Surfing season is close to being over for me. I’ll probably try ‘n hit it a couple more times but now I’m starting to consider a way to prolong this season (That started way back in the spring with our 2 weeks in Mexico).

Most of our crew has decided to make a hop south for a couple weeks to CR. I’ll make up my mind tomorrow if I’m buying tickets or not. 5 foot @ 15 seconds. Hmmm.


One response to “Considering a trip”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    yeah dude. we got the travel bug too. we just booked tix for two weeks in Bali, in December. woo-hoo! it’s off season for waves, but i’ve been reading that you just gotta know where to look. tix: 1k/pax, hotel: $50/night, food: $10/pax/day. i can’t f*cking wait. y’all should come!

    goin’ back to Bali, to Bali, to Bali… (sung to the tune of LLCoolJ’s Going ‘back to Cali’)