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Tickets bought for Costa Rica

Bought my tickets for Costa Rica for the end of November (22nd > 2nd) — nice and cheap due to the time of year. I can only head down for 9 days but it should be epic.

I’ll be meeting up with Steph and Jes, Erin and Ben and some more peeps from out west. Leather with be meeting us a couple days later for his portion of the trip!

Anyone with tips on making the most of CR (Tamarindo Area but we’ll have big 4×4 wheels) – hit me in the comments.

Swell reports are ridiculous in their consistency.

(photo above from flickr user www.pavonessurfschool.com)

5 responses to “Tickets bought for Costa Rica”

  1. feelsgood Avatar

    oh hell yea! i don’t have any tips because i haven’t been, other than rip and have fun. i’m heading down baja this weekend for a wedding, hopefully i’ll find a little swell too.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Thanks man .. now that it’s all locked down I’m starting to get really excited.

  3. Anile Avatar

    Aaaah you’re going! Good for you!! :)

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