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Apple CA v$ USA

Let me preface this by saying – I’m far from an economist;

Our dollar is now worth 8-10% more than the US Dollar. Stands to reason that prices at the Apple CA online store would be 8-10% cheaper. People are getting pretty pissed off that this isn’t the case — prices are still an average 10% more for Canadian customers.

It’s understandable that small retailers who purchased electronics a while back at a different exchange rate would have to be slower in bring parity to pricing (in order to retain price margins and make money); but this is Apple. Apple products we buy come from the States.

I can’t wait for the day that the Mac Book Pro is 2199.00$ US and 1999.00$ Can.

“Many Canadians were hoping that with the recent processor bump to Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pros, the company would also take the opportunity to correct the disparity in pricing for its notebook computers. No such luck.”

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One response to “Apple CA v$ USA”

  1. Ben Castan Avatar

    Same deal in Australia.. Makes us fell very very annoyed.