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Great Wave diorama

This is cool. Word has it that you can buy it from Giant Robot in NY and LA. Even comes with a “secret action piece” to place within your great wave !

“Hokusai (1760?1849) is one of the most renowned Ukiyo-e painter of the Edo period in Japan. The world famous “The Great Wave” is a piece of artwork from “36 Scenes of Mt.Fuji”. Hokusai himself did “Tatebanko paper sculpture”in those days and we are celebrating this well-known masterpiece with our owninterpretation. Hokusai Tatebanko remix !”



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  1. […] wave pictured in the Tenover header is “The Great Wave Of Kanagawa” by Hokusai. Stevey.com found a cool diorama of it that adds something a little more modern to the piece. Related […]

  2. Pat Avatar

    Wow. That is wonderful.