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Day one of Costa

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(photos coming once I get my camera cable!)

Crazy travel day today. Bad timing on the snow last night in MTL meant my plane this AM took off late while being de-iced. Chain reaction lead to my bags not arriving with me in Liberia (they are in Miami) and they should be at the airport tomorrow.

Made the best of the snag and rented a 4×4, found my way down to Tamarindo and checked myself into a posh suite for the night to get that vacation vibe flowing! Couple CR Imperial beers later.. no worries!!

Hopefully meeting up with everyone tomorrow, if today´s drive was any indication, tomorrows drive south should be epic. Howler monkeys (¿) screaming through my driver side window today woke me up !!

Costa is a raw beautiful place.


3 responses to “Day one of Costa”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Fingers crossed on the bags…dont want the photos to get too backlogged!
    say hi to the monkeys and geckos for me!

  2. Allen Avatar

    Ah travel, alaways something! But a few beverages always makes the something go away.

  3. Anile Avatar

    I would have to pick luggage-less in Costa over that funny dance we all do while lugging groceries on icy sidewalks. Hope you get your stuff quick Stevey! And enjoy!!