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Burton has a great new contest, offering $20,000 total for the best “poaching” videos from each of the 4 resorts left in North America that still don’t allow snowboarding.

For the record; the 4 resorts are:

You can read more about the contest here, and see the submitted video’s as they come in.



3 responses to “Burton offering poaching $”

  1. Stephane Daury Avatar

    Well, some of the Quebec resorts might as well forbid the whole thing. I saw on RDS the other day that 2 resorts are officially forbidding jumping in the, wait for it, snowboard parks… And that 3 others are considering the same. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which ones.

  2. Steve Avatar

    yea.. lots of new helmet laws also coming into place this year in snow-parks. guess it was inevitable.

  3. skiboarder Avatar

    a lot of heat surrounding this contest but i think the basic idea of ending segregation between skiers and snowboarders is pretty damn cool. we are all out there for the same reason right? snow?! anyhow, the company i work for is 50 some skiers and snowboarders and somehow we can manage to work in harmony… we want to encourage this and blur the lines between 2 planks or 1 and are throwing down an additional $5000 to the winners: