The Sauna


So our new cottage has a sweet indoor cedar ‘wet’ sauna with hot rocks. We finally got to fire it up on Saturday (the temp dial says it goes to 90°C but I don’t think it got that hot – we’ll have to find a way to figure out the real temp) and I lounged in there with a beer for a good 45 minutes (w/a couple breaks for safety).

I’m 100% sold. I felt like a new man after sweating out everything. Sitting up on the top bench, toss some water onto the rocks and then count to 3 as the steam/temp combo would hit the roof and flood towards you! Wow.

Next we’ll have to do the rolling around in the snow between sauna sessions and get some eucalyptus oil to throw in with the water. Some people even traditionally toss on ‘hoppy’ beer – might have to test that one out.

“In Finnish sauna culture, a beer afterwards is thought to be refreshing and relaxing. Pouring a few centilitres of beer into the water that is poured on the hot stones releases the odor of the grain used to brew the beer.” – wikipedia

It’s gonna be a fun winter.

One thought on “The Sauna

  1. Stevey you are going to love rolling in the snow from the sauna. remember, full nudity, get to the snow as fast as you can, dive in and roll around for 15-20 seconds, then run back into the sauna.

    it rules.

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