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A lesson learned

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A surf lesson learned

One morning in Costa Rica, we head down to the beach for a morning high-tide session. It’s about 6am, Sun’s just up and the swell is looking great with no wind and super glassy conditions.

All excited, we race to put on sun block lotion, which is a MUST, grab our boards off the truck and get to the water. We quickly paddle out, no one really around, just our crew, into perfect clean chest high conditions.

The waves are so good, it’s hard not to jump on the very first one that rolls through a couple minutes later, but I spot mine, wheel around and start paddling as it comes up behind me. Perfect left shoulder. Hand reach down for my rails to pop-up….

My hands grab the rails and they instantly slip off at a VERY inopportune time. I ‘Super Man’ to the flat water below luckily getting my board pushed off to my right so as to not land right on it with my forehead.

Lesson learned — Always always always take the time to grab some sand as you walk from the beach to the water and rub it between your hands if you’ve just put on lots of waterproof sun block ! It’ll remove that filmy slippery layer of grease…. and you won’t end up with a faceprint in your board’s deck.


3 responses to “A lesson learned”

  1. rob70 Avatar


    Personally, I love it when your girl gets sunscreen on your board…

  2. j Avatar

    sitting here looking out my window watching the second massive storm in 2 weeks I asked myself ‘who the hell likes this shit’. you were the first person that came to mind.

    surfing in costa rica and now riding all that powder. you must be grinning from ear to bloody ear.

    hope you enjoy it! Have a great winter

  3. Steve Avatar

    Thanks J ! It’s been non-stop fun so far !