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The Hockey Sweater

We were talking about this story/NFB animation last night at the Company holiday Dinner.

It amazing how many people consider this to a be a quintessential piece of Quebecois/Canadian identity. I often think of “Mon Oncle Antoine” when I think of this story probaly due to the time period and setting.

“Though a relatively recent story, it has become one of the best-known works of literature in Canada. It was made into a National Film Board of Canada (NFB) animated short in 1980, known as The Sweater, or Le Chandail. The short is often shown, in both French and English, to elementary school students, making it very well known amongst Canadian youth.

The story is widely considered an allegory for the linguistic and cultural tensions between anglophone and francophone Canadians, and an essential classic of Canadian literature. An excerpt from the story is now also commemorated in both official languages of Canada on the back of the Canadian five-dollar bill.” — Wikipedia

I had no idea about the 5$ bill part; we all just hastily ripped one out and low and behold.. it’s there! Who knew?

If you’ve never seen it; please go watch it now YouTube – The Sweater by Roch Carrier Le Chandail.


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