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Time lapse

Some great HD video (except for the terrible music) on VIMEO made using a Canon 20D to shoot time lapse night shots.

Here’s the authors checklist on how to do this yourself;

1x SLR Camera
1x Remote Control with Timer for SLR Camera
1x Tripod
1x Fold Chair
1x Umbrella, in case it rain
4x or more Additional Battery for you Camera (depending on how long you’re planning to stay out)
4x or more beverages to keep you hydrated
4x or more snacks/food if you go hungry

1x Cellular/Mobile Phone for entertainment
1x PSP for Entertainment
1x Nintendo DS
1x iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod/etc
1x Laptop for storing your image on the go

Manual Focus [Locked]
Manual Shutter Speed (tuned it until you get a good image quality) this will give you image consistency.
Set Timer according to your camera capability, ie. 3 shots every second.

Open your fold chair, some hot beverages if it’s a cold day, one or more entertainment devices while you wait out the duration of approximately 300+ shots after.

Import image sequence into your video editor use 15fps as minimum, may be raised according to your needs.

Add background music, crop the images if you have to, save the video and export it.

Remember, take the image in the highest possible quality, this will prevent quality lost if you need to have the video in higher resolution.

Bring some friends with you, but have them stationed at different locations to achieved faster result and results with different angle.