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Warren begins blogging

I’m happy to announce that Warren has finally started blogging on the Plank site. It might seem small, but Warren is a smart guy who is the foundation of Plank. He’s no nonsense and we expect he’ll have some great stuff to say.

While I’m really proud of what all of us at Plank have accomplished over the past 9 years, I worry that we seriously suffer from one big bad fault: modesty. So, you must be asking yourself how can someone so proud be so modest? It may be the bass player in me but I’ve always felt like if we just plod along and try to do the best work possible everyone will just figure it out. They’ll get it and need to work with us.

Obviously we have had some attention over the years thanks to some high-profile clients but I / we have never actively sought attention or a public profile. Over all these years I think we offhandedly sent out two press releases and emailed a few design portals as an experiment. It worked but we all quickly burrowed back into our work. We got back into the habit of letting people discover us when they manage to.

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