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The American Star

Found this great link/image from Google maps of a famous ship that wrecked and ran aground in Spain.

Since the Google photo was taken the ship has “… listed to port and become almost completely submerged.”

“The remains of the SS American Star, an ocean liner originally built for the United States Lines, ten years after its 1994 shipwreck off Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. The stern broke off and sank, leaving only the bow section on the sandbar.” (Lots more at wikipedia)

See on Google maps | Stunning triptych photo series of the ship’s final demise


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  1. nan-c Avatar

    this is a ship that ran aground in newfoundland some 20 years ago — i remember driving past it as a kid (note closeness to highway)
    they’ve decided to keep it in the harbour – the community repaints it every few years!