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Cinema Du Parc

Venerable ‘Cinema Du Parc’ finally has a new owner, a new web site and once again I here people saying… ‘I’m going to go see it at parc’.

They are programming a carefully choosen crop of new movies (currently: There Will Be Blood, Juno, No Country for Old Men, The Rape of Europa, The Kite Runner, La Bohème). For now they have completely lost the ‘rep movie’ but are still putting on some small festival type affairs.

Feels like it’s been given a breath of ‘carefully administered bottled’ fresh air? We’ll see.

3575 Ave Du Parc. | (514) 281 1900


2 responses to “New Cinema Du Parc”

  1. dj lAM Avatar
    dj lAM

    For now they have completely lost the ‘rep movie’

    For your info, last friday they’ve shown the CLASSIC Soy Cuba for 4 days…it was full all the time! They alson had shown metropolis!

    Everyone at The Parc!

  2. Steve Avatar

    It’s good to see it back on it’s feet again. I’ve had a WHOLE lot of friends manage/work/ and hang out there over the years.