Dawn of man to Space


One of my favorite transitions in all film is the toss of the bone to the orbit of the spaceship in Kubrick’s 2001.

“Kubrick showed how after the man-apes had encountered the black monolith they were able to fight off their enemies and survive in their hostile environment. To bridge the 4 million year gap between then and I999, Kubrick shows a bone (which is revealed as the first tool and instrument of death) thrown into the air by a jubilant man-ape. Then a cut is made to a bone-like spacecraft orbiting the Earth (this must be one of the most important and memorable edits in the history of cinema). Without words he was able to convey the thought that the use of tools had by now lead man into space, and that we are still attached to instruments of death. — 2 Views of 2001

TIVO has caught much of our Stanely Kubrick wish-list, and I’m excited to watch them all again; including some I’ve never seen (The Killing and Paths of Glory). It’s these types of films that make me think we need some way of watching HD content.

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