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Font Shop best of 2007 and META Serif

Font Shop has released their best of 2007 font list.

It includes some beautiful typefaces; but the real show-stopper is their most anticipated release in years, a new superstar among typefaces; META Serif designed by Erik Spiekermann.

Prepare to see it everywhere.

FF Meta® Serif
In 2007, sixteen years after the release of Erik Spiekermann’s seminal FF Meta, a serif companion was born. It took three years and three designers to develop FF Meta Serif. All through the ’90s, Spiekermann made several attempts at designing a counterpart for his groundbreaking FF Meta. Fans of Meta frequently asked him which serif face would best complement it. He recommended Swift™, Minion™, FF Clifford™, and others, until he realized that he should just buckle down and draw his own serif Meta”

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