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Chris Baines 1974 - 2007

Chris was someone I knew from grade 10 all the way through to to the last time I saw him in Whistler when I visited in 2004. He truly was a loved man by everyone who knew him.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

I wanted to share this Maclean’s article that was given to me about him (Thanks Rick). View the article in PDF


4 responses to “Chris Baines 1974 – 2007”

  1. Gouge Avatar

    An absolutely incredible guy that I had nothing but great times with, since meeting him with John Tucker as kids in Pincourt and through our adolescence. He will be sorely missed.

  2. Bruce Schorer Avatar
    Bruce Schorer

    Chris was my step son , I lived with him from the age of six to 20. Still married to his Mom Linda 25 years later I can affirm that she mourns his passing daily – Chris was bright , sensitive , funny and a true out- doors-man. Never a problem at home he always had a twinkle in his eye and was ready for a laugh. I am proud of Chris and how he lived his life , chased his dreams and his realization that life was an ongoing adventure.

    I am also proud of his friends especially those I have come to know and / or know of beyond his life – You all reflect that there was indeed a special young man – “Chris” who passed through this life and only as he could touched us all in a special way.

    I miss him.


  3. Steve Avatar

    Thanks for the comment Bruce.

    I was with some friends from Whistler last week in Mexico and we were talking about Chris — only great words to say about him.

    Sorry once again for your lose.

    take care,

  4. warren ontong Avatar
    warren ontong

    When I heard the news I didn’t want it to be real. Chris and I were very close, why? I don’t know, but I know when we were together, judgement went out the window. He bacame a man far before I did, but he never was hard in me for my lack of growth. We lived together, laughed together and skied together, most importantly we shared our lives. When you’re thousand miles away from any support system you’re forced to create you’re own “family”. Chris was kind, forgiving and understanding, he was well put together and I wasn’t. This is where we found our balance, I’ll never forget our nights sitting on the couch @ the “Green House shooting the breeze. However hung over or what kind of night I had, hed wake me up early he would always say “We live in Whistler and it snowed, if you want to sleep go back to Toronto!”. So I’d get up, and was always glad I did. The difference between us was organization, Chris was a stickler for organization, me not so much. But, we could both point out the same fault on the most beautiful woman in the room…(Old lady knees). We had the same memory, the same attention, to this day I haven’t forgot about a girl named Jen Meridith that he used to talk about, and he used to use quotes that my Grandfather said. I took him to get his driver’s license, it was in Squamish and it was a gorgeous day. The last real day we shared was me taking Chris to the hospital. The night before he decided to ride a mechanical bull. He managed to tear his bicept off the bone. We drove to Vancouver in a little Honda Del Sol, we coined ourselves “The Ambiguously Gay Duo”. We looked gay. I’ll never lose his touch, Chris was my brother, a roommate, a soulmate and my teammate.