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Update: I found this ridiculous thread on another blog (200+ comments long) that details other people’s trials in this similar search

Anyone out there have a good method for producing and tracking a lightweight home budget on Mac OS X?

I’ve had limited tries with Excel; but figured there must be other apps that are tailor made for this purpose (that might be a bit more user friendly).

Please leave any notes/suggestions in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Home budget software

  1. There is GnuCash if you’re looking for open source, but whether it is lightweight or not depends on your definition of lightweight.

  2. thanks lambic – mainly looking for something that’s very user friendly that will make me want to keep updating/reviewing/etc.

  3. I use iBank. It’s not the easiest app to figure out. It came with my time/billing app iBiz. look at the screen shots online (versiontracker maybe) tell me if thats what yer after.
    I’ve tried a few.

  4. iBanks budgeting features are VERY lacking…you can’t even print a budget report!

    I use MoneyWell 1.4.8 because it does the buckets(think envelopes) and offers the latest in finance software(matching, direct-downloads, EZ reconcile).


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