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Home budget software

Update: I found this ridiculous thread on another blog (200+ comments long) that details other people’s trials in this similar search

Anyone out there have a good method for producing and tracking a lightweight home budget on Mac OS X?

I’ve had limited tries with Excel; but figured there must be other apps that are tailor made for this purpose (that might be a bit more user friendly).

Please leave any notes/suggestions in the comments.

8 replies on “Home budget software”

I use iBank. It’s not the easiest app to figure out. It came with my time/billing app iBiz. look at the screen shots online (versiontracker maybe) tell me if thats what yer after.
I’ve tried a few.

iBanks budgeting features are VERY lacking…you can’t even print a budget report!

I use MoneyWell 1.4.8 because it does the buckets(think envelopes) and offers the latest in finance software(matching, direct-downloads, EZ reconcile).

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